Summertime Blues – Kwik Sew 4138

Welp, here I go continuing on my handmade journey. I've said here before how extremely limited my summer wardrobe is. Last year, however, there was one denim pinafore from Forever 21 that I wore to DEATH (and still do) because of it's versatility and casual-cool vibe. Going into this season, I knew I wanted to … Continue reading Summertime Blues – Kwik Sew 4138

DIY Festival Tee

It seems like lately everyone is going to some sort of outdoor concert or music festival. Although I still haven't been to one yet this year myself, I'm glad there's still plenty of summer left to hit one up. A couple years ago, I altered a Janis Joplin tee-shirt that didn't quite fit me right … Continue reading DIY Festival Tee