My April Makes + #MeMadeMay plans

I am so excited to share my new YouTube channel, Happy Makes Me! Here I plan on teaching you how to craft your own handmade lifestyle using myself as the guinea pig. I truly believe creating something with your own two hands is one of the most empowering and enriching things a person can do. … Continue reading My April Makes + #MeMadeMay plans

Free Bird – The Bathurst Top from Stitch Witch Patterns

I am so so excited to finally be able to share this sweet and sexy make with you guys! I had the honor of getting to test the Bathurst Top from Stitch Witch Patterns earlier this month, and now that it's open to the public I can't wait to tell you all about it! The … Continue reading Free Bird – The Bathurst Top from Stitch Witch Patterns

#freemakefriday Best Kitchen DIY’s

You hungry? I know I could eat. Here's a roundup of my favorite FREE patterns and tutorials to help get you ready for mealtime: 1 + 2) With spring weather finally showing up here in Ohio, I'm ready for a picnic. Care to join me? Let's get packed with this oilcloth lunch bag from Happiest … Continue reading #freemakefriday Best Kitchen DIY’s

Showers – April 2020 Playlist

With social distancing and rainy "spring" days, I've been spending more time than usual indoors, keeping myself busy. If this sounds like you, then this is the perfect chill playlist to accompany you while you enjoy this extra time to yourself. Track List: Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl JamSave It For Later - The English … Continue reading Showers – April 2020 Playlist

Take Your Mama – The Patsy Overalls from Ready To Sew

Another sewn garment in the span of two weeks? What am I, an actual sewist or something?! With social distancing still very much a thing we're doing right now, I've been utilizing this time to tackle a nagging task and address my "new uniform". I work from home now, but my wardrobe still very much … Continue reading Take Your Mama – The Patsy Overalls from Ready To Sew

Spring Sewing Plans

I'm a planner at heart. For me, simply thinking about upcoming projects and putting together mood boards can sometimes be more fun than the actual making of the item itself. Though I often change my mind the second new inspiration strikes, I still enjoy dreaming up makes based on images or styles I come across. … Continue reading Spring Sewing Plans